A Good Deed

It’s hard not to want to keep all the fosters we get. Our last girl was so sweet, but we found her the best home. Bittersweet

Boxer Yarns

Remember Brittney the foster dog from my Finishing Touches post? Well today I left her in the capable paws of the Brindle and went off to do another volunteer task for Florida Boxer Rescue.

We had a call for a CUR which stands for Canine Underground Railroad, to transport a little lady from a shelter to a vet/boarding facility that does a lot of work for the Rescue. I picked her up part way and they drove her the rest of the way for the drop off. I’m thinking she was pretty comfy in my car.



Her name is Jasmine and she is just the sweetest girl. She was giving me kisses and loving all the scritches I was giving her. It was a close call if I was going to turn dognapper and just take her home with me. I mean after all, who can resist a face…

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