Skinny’s New Home

Boxers bring love into our lives. Thanks for saving this beautiful boy.

Inglewood Craftsman Home

unnamed (1)  IMG_20140309_113855_869Shortly after we moved in, we found Skinny. Well, some say Skinny found us. While out walking the dogs, we noticed a canine who looked much like our former neighbors’ runaway, so we attempted to catch her. She showed her teeth at us when we approached, and not even an approach with the boys or treats helped. She’d have been homeless for several months, probably not long enough to go feral, so we wondered if this was maybe another dog. I followed her on foot, Jon did the same in the car, and we attempted to force her into our garage by blocking her exit. Unfortunately, this approach didn’t work, so I continued to follow her with treats and a leash around the block (and thankfully away from traffic). She stopped running away only once: to sniff another large dog who was lying on the ground.

I realized I…

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