Chata’s underground Boxerdog puppy railroad.

Two tick infested, giardi having puppies wandering the streets were saved a few days ago by a kind soul who dropped them at a vet’s office.  Knowing how many backyard breeders there are the vet called a rescue group we volunteer for, and asked for help.  Well, now they are in my loving care.  These are my fifth and sixth foster siblings and boy are they needy.

When they first got here I didn’t know what to do. I thought my dad had brought me the most awesome stuffed toys that moved. Turns out they were sad little girls who needed a big sister and lots of love. The first day they slept in my mom and dad’s room in their crate. AND BOY were Lina and I grumpy. Really? Who are those interlopers in there!  The next morning we got to see them in their crate. They were a little scared and would growl and bark… I was scared my nose was gonna get bit.

IMG_0977IMG_0986Later that day we sniffed each other through a cracked door. Nose to nose with a couple of kisses from the girls. I guess they were sweet.  That evening we had the funnest play time I can remember.  Well supervised by my dad to make sure we didn’t get to rough with them.  That night we all slept good.

I’ll be posting stories and some tips for new puppies as best as I can, for fun pics of them please go to @fureverboxers on twitter.

The reason we’re calling it the Underground railroad is we are going to get them fixed, because we know the careless breeders who lost them without looking would not give them a loving fureverboxer home.


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