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Chata’s underground Boxerdog puppy railroad.

Two tick infested, giardi having puppies wandering the streets were saved a few days ago by a kind soul who dropped them at a vet’s office.  Knowing how many backyard breeders there are the vet called a rescue group we volunteer for, and asked for help.  Well, now they are in my loving care.  These are my fifth and sixth foster siblings and boy are they needy.

When they first got here I didn’t know what to do. I thought my dad had brought me the most awesome stuffed toys that moved. Turns out they were sad little girls who needed a big sister and lots of love. The first day they slept in my mom and dad’s room in their crate. AND BOY were Lina and I grumpy. Really? Who are those interlopers in there!  The next morning we got to see them in their crate. They were a little scared and would growl and bark… I was scared my nose was gonna get bit.

IMG_0977IMG_0986Later that day we sniffed each other through a cracked door. Nose to nose with a couple of kisses from the girls. I guess they were sweet.  That evening we had the funnest play time I can remember.  Well supervised by my dad to make sure we didn’t get to rough with them.  That night we all slept good.

I’ll be posting stories and some tips for new puppies as best as I can, for fun pics of them please go to @fureverboxers on twitter.

The reason we’re calling it the Underground railroad is we are going to get them fixed, because we know the careless breeders who lost them without looking would not give them a loving fureverboxer home.


A Good Deed

It’s hard not to want to keep all the fosters we get. Our last girl was so sweet, but we found her the best home. Bittersweet

Boxer Yarns

Remember Brittney the foster dog from my Finishing Touches post? Well today I left her in the capable paws of the Brindle and went off to do another volunteer task for Florida Boxer Rescue.

We had a call for a CUR which stands for Canine Underground Railroad, to transport a little lady from a shelter to a vet/boarding facility that does a lot of work for the Rescue. I picked her up part way and they drove her the rest of the way for the drop off. I’m thinking she was pretty comfy in my car.



Her name is Jasmine and she is just the sweetest girl. She was giving me kisses and loving all the scritches I was giving her. It was a close call if I was going to turn dognapper and just take her home with me. I mean after all, who can resist a face…

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Skinny’s New Home

Boxers bring love into our lives. Thanks for saving this beautiful boy.

Inglewood Craftsman Home

unnamed (1)  IMG_20140309_113855_869Shortly after we moved in, we found Skinny. Well, some say Skinny found us. While out walking the dogs, we noticed a canine who looked much like our former neighbors’ runaway, so we attempted to catch her. She showed her teeth at us when we approached, and not even an approach with the boys or treats helped. She’d have been homeless for several months, probably not long enough to go feral, so we wondered if this was maybe another dog. I followed her on foot, Jon did the same in the car, and we attempted to force her into our garage by blocking her exit. Unfortunately, this approach didn’t work, so I continued to follow her with treats and a leash around the block (and thankfully away from traffic). She stopped running away only once: to sniff another large dog who was lying on the ground.

I realized I…

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Shared: My Life List Member Story: Fostering dogs through Boxer Rescue

Shared: My Life List Member Story: Fostering dogs through Boxer Rescue

This is an amazing experience. We had previously owned a Boxer, his name was George, that we got when I was pregnant with my first son. We loved having him around and he was a great part of our family and is missed every day. We lost him on May 6, 2011. We went through our summer not really talking about getting another dog because we go away in our camper a lot and it’s not big enough for us to bring a dog with us. A friend had suggested that we foster, so I started researching the area and found the New Jersey Boxer Rescue. We asked all our questions and they addressed all of our concerns. They gave us a home visit, checked out our house, our personalities, our family, our property, our neighborhood (probably all the stuff they go through for adoptive families as well). That all went well. We got our first foster in mid-October. His name was General (my husband called him “The General”). What a completely awesome dog. He came to us because his family was getting separated and no one was moving to a place where dogs were allowed so he was surrendered to the rescue. He was so completely awesome that he was adopted within 2 weeks (just in time for us to go away for a weekend without having to worry having the Rescue kennel him for a weekend. Then, we got home from our weekend away, and got a call on Monday that there’s a deaf girl,all white boxer, about 6 years old who needs a foster home. She came to my house on Monday night and we fell in love. She doesn’t stop kissing. Because of her deafness, she’s extremely alert in other ways and wants to always be near us. We are still waiting for her to get adopted. We’ve had her since mid-November. I will miss her when she does get adopted, but I know that our home is not the best place for her. She needs a place where people are home more than we are during the day. Bianca was a stray, so we don’t know her history, but from the looks of her when we first got her, I can’t imagine it was a good history. I can’t even express the feeling of being able to assist in some way to the rescue of these dogs, and hope that I can continue for a long time to come.

When Spyware or Malware attacks

My mom’s work computer was not working at all.  She upgraded her Google Chrome, but didn’t do it from Google.  Here’s how I fixed it.

Boxer IT
Boxer IT Support Specialist

If you still have access to the internet, then download the following four programs.   If you can’t, then download the programs onto a friend’s computer and transfer via Flash Drive.  Make sure that you have shortcuts for these on your desktop.

1.) TDSSKiller-… 
2.) Malwarebytes- 
3.) Spybot Search and Destroy- version 1.6.2 is less bloated and my IT guy loves it.… 
4.) CCleaner- 

Good Job!  Now the first thing you are going to want to do is print these instructions or look at them from a different computer because you are going to disconnect the LAN cable and wifi: Don’t want the virus talking to its friends.

Step one: Run TDSSKiller. Click on the TDSSKiller icon and click accept for each of the two requests.  Now you are ready to scan. Click start scan and it should take a minute.  It will prompt you to disinfect so just click on disinfect.  You will have to restart after it is done.

Step two: Make sure that your wireless doesn’t turn on when your computer restarts. Click on the Malwarebytes icon.  When the program is open click on the Scan Tab at the top of the window.  You are going to want to run a “Threat Scan” this is a full scan so if you have a bone you need to chew on go ahead.  It might be a while and you do not want to do anything else on the computer while it is running.  When it’s done go ahead and remove the infected files.

Step Three: Wireless off! Spybot time. Run Spybot by clicking on the icon. Click a checkmark in the boxes that popup and left click ok.  Now you are in Spybot. You are going to click “Check for problems”.  You’ll see lots of Toolbar adware, and maybe some nastier stuff.  Click on “Fix Selected Problems”.

Step Four: CCleaner.  Click on Analyze. This will clean all the junk from your computer.  Temp files, history, blah blah…clean.

Time to Run Malwarebytes again…just to check.  When that’s clear… You should be good.