Harley Recovering from her spaying and near death experience


One day after her surgery Harley was very lethargic, beyond normal. I put my finger in her mouth to give her her meds and it was very cool. She immediately went to the vet and I’m glad we did. One of Harley’s internal sutures must have sprung a leak and she was bleeding internally.

We took her to a 24 hour emergency vet and her RBC count dropped to 20 from 30….almost at a point where she needed a transfusion. Luckily a clot formed and now she is chomping at the bit trying to run around. We keep the plastic cone of shame on her and the drugs are helping keep her calm.

When you dog or cat gets fixed be sure to constantly monitor them…it could save their lives


2014-03-22 16.02.38My name is Harley and those are my pups playing in the background.  Boxer Luv Rescue saved me and my seven puppies.  Now I’m with my foster family because there is a new preggo Boxer in town.  Boxer Luv has about 100 foster parents but we always need more, so if you have the heart be sure to apply at BoxerLuvRescue.org.

I’m two or three years old, not quite sure…and have had a couple sets of puppies.  I’ll be getting spayed so I don’t have to worry about kids anymore, and then soon I will be up for adoption.  In a few days my foster sister and I are going to get to know each other.  I’m pretty excited.  Hopefully she’s nice to me.


Dog Behavior Training MN | A Boxer’s Story | The Dog Whisperer of MN

When a Boxer goes bad, there is always hope.

Minnesota's Dog Behavior Blog

Aggression is a serious and behavior.

Consult a behavior professional before attempting any of the techniques described below.

Meet Molly.

Molly is a 4 year old Female boxer rescued from a local agency. She was told that she was a zero liability to adopt out. No aggression had been determined by the assessment team after the tests had been done. She was low energy and very very good with people.

After her adoption, her owner saw that Molly really was great with people. Hardly would bark at anyone ever, loved and became attached to her children, everything she hoped her new dog would be. Her owner recalls that Molly’s first encounter with her older Golden Retriever began with a stare off. Not thinking anything of it and having a “the dogs will figure it out” mentality  she knew the Golden Retriever as being low key and non-confrontational, shortly after the confrontation started, he…

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Can You Help Rocky? | The Daily Boxer

Can You Help Rocky? Repost from The Daily Boxer.

Rocky has the heart and soul of a champion. All this boxer needs now is for a winning team to step up and give him a second chance at the happy ending that has eluded him the first time around. Do you know anyone that could step up and give him a home?

Rocky has no use of his back legs but does get around well with his wheels.

Rocky has no use of his back legs but does get around well with his wheels.

Rocky is a 2-year-old male boxer that was confiscated by Miami Dade County Animal Services as part of a neglect case. Once he was with the organization, they knew he needed much more help than they could provide and they reached out to Coastal Boxer Rescue to see if the organization could help give him a shot at a better life.

It won’t be easy going for Rocky…at some point he had broken his back. However, his owners let the back heal on it’s own and he has no feeling in his back legs. Right now he’s in boarding at the Coastal Boxer Rescue’s veterinarian and is getting lots of TLC, but needs much more at this point…a loving home environment.

This silly, but sweet dog will need a special rescuer since he’ll be paralyzed for good and will require special treatment and therapy. He loves to use a cart and will need to be carried or wheeled for the rest of his life. Currently, he relies on his front legs to get around and has some atrophy in is left shoulder. He also is not able to roll over and has some sores because of it.

Despite all he's been through, Rocky is a happy dog. He's in the care of the Coastal Boxer rescue and their vet.

Despite all he’s been through, Rocky is a happy dog. He’s in the care of the Coastal Boxer rescue and their vet.

He has some other special needs including needing to have his bladder manually expressed 4 to 6 times daily and currently has a bladder infection. The Coastal Boxer Rescue has reached out to their network of rescuers and social media for help. Unfortunately, each time someone offers to foster or take him in…they don’t respond back to the rescue.

Although the group is in Florida, they are willing to work on a transport if there is a group  that is willing to take in Rocky and give this champion a foster or a forever home and a second chance at a happy ending.

Coastal Boxer Rescue says he’s a really great dog – Do you know someone that could help? If you are willing to help, reach out at info@coastalboxer.org, gemma@eaugallievet.com or call 321-259-8492.

Dog park stop motion


stop motion 2Mahoney is maybe one 1/2 years old (he’s on his back) ChataLina is six and thinks she’s one.  She is the intro dog for all the new fosters that mom and dad take in.  So far she has greeted three boys and made sure they are ready to be adopted with a fur sibling.
stop motion 3


Dog park is so much fun. Mahoney feels like he’s flying on a cloud.

stop motion 1

Teary eyes and a new home

I thought that I would have some more time without having to train another one, but my sucker of a daddy brought me home another brother. This little guy was a foster at Boxer Luv Rescue and got adopted. Which is usually great, but it turns out his adoptive daddy did not take the time to introduce his dog to Mahoney and the poor little guy got beat up. His mean foster brother bit his neck and his fur will never grow back in some places. He was returned to the kennels at Boxer Luv and stayed there for several weeks.It’s rare that an adopted Boxer gets beaten up like this, but sometimes it happens.


Mom and dad picked him up on Saturday to take him to a Chandler PetSmart adoption event and were going to take him back to the kennels and met his original foster mom there. There was shock in her eyes when she saw Mahoney. He was supposed to be adopted and why didn’t anyone tell her he needed fostering again. Dad could see how sad she and he were and he asked about his behavior. When he found out that he went through several weeks of training and was potty trained and a lover he couldn’t resist bringing him home. I’m sure the tears in her eyes melted his heart some too.

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